Our Story

Starting a soda company bubbled away in the back of my mind for about a year. My family missed the range of premium fruit-based sodas that we could drink overseas and knew we weren’t the only ones who enjoyed a thirst-quenching soda on a hot day!

We all love the tropical fruit flavors here in Vietnam and thought they’d make great sodas. So I took our idea to the team at Rooster Beverages and asked them to help me to develop a craft range of classic sodas  (lemonade, sparkling orange, ginger ale and cola) with a uniquely tropical twist. The typical lemonade flavor became a zingy lemongrass infused drink for us, orange was enhanced by adding passion fruit, and by using real ginger we made our Ginger Ale fresh and spicy.  Tamarind is a popular Asian drink and with the addition of sweet vanilla I feel we have created our own unique version of cola – an Asian cola!

Once I had the flavors sorted I knew I wanted to make a better soda – not just better tasting but we had to try to be better all round. As well as batch making our sodas locally in Ho Chi Minh City, we source our fruit and packaging in Vietnam, and we use real sugar (but much less of it!)  By buying local ingredients and producing locally we aim to support our local communities and minimize our global impact.  

I hope you love our sodas as much as I do!  

Rebecca Taylor

Fizz Sodas

Rebecca Taylor

- - - -   Founder

The founder of the Fizz brand, Rebecca wanted to create a better, healthier soda and took this idea to the team at Rooster Beverages to make it a reality. Rebecca has been in Vietnam for over 25 years with her family, and has a background in publishing and communications. Rebecca loves traveling and spending time with friends and family enjoying great food and bubbly drinks!